Projects-in-focus - Critical to IT Business Satisfaction
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Data Driven Insights for key IT Topics

As consultants, we don't assess your operations by a standard and then tell you what you need to do. We provide structured tools to help you assess your current capabilities and needs and then facilitate a conversation to work with you to validate and prioritize the gaps you identify. If there are gaps in your knowledge we support with research and analyst calls.

We offer diagnostics as a measurement & planning tool often as part of a broader package aligned to your specific objectives:

  • Data-Driven IT Strategy - Build an IT strategy that uses data, not intuition, to set IT’s agenda
    • CEO-CIO Alignment Program - Achieve effective IT-business alignment by understanding your CEO's perspectives and priorities.
    • CIO Business Vision - The most important thing a CIO can do is understand business needs
    • IT Management & Governance Diagnostic - Build alignment and ownership around core IT processes
  • PPM Diagnostic Program - Collect the data you need to effectively manage your project management group
    • Most start with the Scorecard tool, followed by more detailed look at customer satisfaction, and then a detailed analysis of PPM and/or PM practices. 
  • Application Portfolio Assessment: Decide which apps to retire, upgrade, re-train on, and where to focus optimization efforts
  • End User - Get feedback from across the organization 
    • End User Satisfaction - Get end user feedback on how well IT is managing its core services
    • Application feedback -  Get end user feedback on application portfolio
  • IT Security Diagnostic Program - Collect the data you need to effectively manage IT Security
    • Governance & Management Scorecard that access Security practice maturity in terms of vulnerability, compliance, culture, end-user devices, host security. This is sometimes followed by:
    • Business satisfaction and alignment assessment to determine if security policies are meeting the security needs and where the policy can be better aligned with business needs: Or
    • Security Incidents & Root Causes Report to dive deep into exposures and problem areas. This data can be used to develop a tactical plan to address security priorities.
    • End User Device Security Effectiveness - looks at effectiveness of processes, technologies/vendor offerings