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Guided Implementations

Guided Implementation is offered for each of the +800 solution sets as part of membership

A guided implementation service is accessible by the licenced member. The research outlines a storyboard or blueprint for each solution set. A number of documents are associated with solution set such as a storyboard deck, tools and templates. The deck can be fairly extensive. Some decks have more than 250 slides but vary depending on the complexity of the project/issue being handled.

The guided implementation service is a series of calls that structure the advisory process. An example of project with four phases has 1 call for each of the phases: planning, design, build and deployment phases.  Each call reviews of key planning activities for entry into a phase and the exit readiness of the phase just completed.

Projects-in-focus's enhanced service provides support for building a plan /charter for success and more regular monitoring of the project through weekly or bi-weekly calls.