Projects-in-focus - Critical to IT Business Satisfaction
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Info~Tech partnership

Info-Tech Research Group is the fastest growing top 10 largest IT research and advisory companies in the world, proudly serving over 34,000 IT professionals. Their unbiased state-of-the-art technical analysis covering the broad range of IT critical issues enables IT leaders to make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions that drive IT improvement. 
Projects-in-focus is proud to be partnered with Info-Tech to offer IT leaders' practical ways to solve specific issues that are critical to their business and IT service quality. And to provide service offerings that are easily consumable through:
  • Data driven planning against a stepped process improvement maturity model
    • Diagnostics - offers a data driven decision process that supports the "measure - learn/plan - implement - measure" cycle
  • Projects that leverage applied research through self-serve, guided implementations or workshops: 
    • Self-serve - As a member, access to the body of research including 800+ solution sets, 2,300+ tools/templates and 70+ vendor landscape is provided
    • Guided implementations - customer led project for a solution set with checkpoint-based support from a consultant
    • Workshops - offers a fast track mechanism to create focus over short period to solve a specific burning issue