Projects-in-focus - Critical to IT Business Satisfaction
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The challenge

Projects-in-focus offers solutions that help IT leaders address these challenges:

  • Sufficient funding for critical projects
    • Challenge - IT organizations often don't have the right funding levels to support critical business initiatives
    • Solution - Engage business in providing feedback and solution development and project launch activities.
  • Investment in people
    • Challenge - Bringing in talent is expensive, at times developing talent may be more expensive. Finding the right mix is strategic and impactful.
    • Solution - Self-Serve, guided implementations and workshops are an investment in the home team: lowering the overall costs of delivering solutions and building internal skills for the long-term
  • Time - Operations v Projects 
    • Challenge - day-to-day operations are the first mandate, often limited resources are available for new requirements that take the business forward
    • Solution - Use Data driven analytics to drive priorities and related investment
  • Knowledge
    • Challenge - Extracting the right information to address the issue:
      • Standards-based organizations such as Isaca - Cobit, Open Group - Togaf; OMG - enterprise integration, PMI - PMP,  Axelos - ITIL...
      • Vendors - implementation/installation guides, YouTube feature/function presentations, training...
      • Third party research - expensive, often strategic not easily applicable
    • Solution - Use each source for its purpose. For improvements, where possible, use applied knowledge packaged for consumption as a solution set to a specific problem area.