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About us

Martin West:

I have always been a bit of methodology fan - never for the sake of the methodology but for the benefit of the outcome. At the start of my career in London UK, I was initially focused on business systems analysis including structured approaches for software development. I was particularly impressed by the power of the cross-checking between the process, data and event models to assure completeness of the conceptual design for a custom software solution.

More recently it is the power of mashing business architecture, interest-based negotiation best practice with PMO, portfolio management and project/program design that fascinates me as it can deliver assurance around project outcome quality. This mashing has similar benefits when applied to process re-design.

Over the years, including 12 years at PwC and KPMG IT consulting groups, I have learned what it takes to deliver successfully for clients like Rogers, Sun Life, Microsoft, GTAA, Economical, IBM, OEB, Capgemini-OPG, Enercare, CCAC, Resolve, Loblaw, and CIBC. I founded Projects-in-focus to leverage that knowledge and find innovative ways to enable improved outcomes for client project teams. It is as part of this strategy that I partnered with Info-Tech.

Reach out if this approach appeals, happy to walk the road with you to see if there is a match.