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Optimize your project management practices


Optimize your project management practices


Project management success is a factor of both the environment and project management practices. Use measurable data, necessary context and feedback to understand your key strengths and weaknesses in project management. Drive success with recommendations and tactical insights to optimize your PM practices to increase IT Business Satisfaction. 

Audience: Project owners, CIO, IT management, and all project management related functions

Scope of PM Assessment: Clients use this to develop a customized roadmap of practical and prioritized action to optimize project management practices in terms of:

  • Project planning; 
    • Explore resourcing for success, clarity in requirements, maintenance of charter and engagement of stakeholders and agility to change
  • Project resourcing:
    • Explore project resource assignment in terms of skills, schedule, project concurrency and availability
  • Project exploration:
    • Explore communication, plan maintenance, risk management and project closure
    • Explore alignment of methods to project needs
  • Reporting & Time Tracking
    • Explore project reporting - roll ups and portfolio needs
    • Explore strategy used for time tracking 

 The pricing starts at $8,000 with a diagnostic and the development of a preliminary plan.

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